Truck Scales

Airtec's Digital Truck Scales
Truck Scales allows you to operate vehicles at higher mass limits on approved routes. A load plan usually requires that a loaded vehicle is to be weighed over a registered weighbridge and recorded details to be retained showing that each individual axle group is within legal weight limits as part of Mass Management documentation.

With Airtec’s Digital Truck Scales Systems you save time and money by having an onboard digital truck scale to easy access your truck’s weight data. A weighing-bridge won’t be needed each time you have a new load on your truck!

Benefits of having an Airtec’s Digital Truck Scale System:

    You only need to weigh your vehicle at a weighing bridge once! All the future loads will be weighed with your on-board Airtec Truck Scale.
    You won’t need to pay each time you need to weigh your truck. You will have your own load scale on your vehicle.
    Airtec’s Mass Management Truck Scales  are designed with the latest technology in the market to give you accurate and reliable information.
    Personal weighing bridges may take an extensive amount of space at your premises. Using Airtec’s on-board scales will reduce the demand for personal weigh bridges.
    With the simple “How To Use” instructions, any operator will be able to operate the Artec’s mass management systems.
    Our Truck Scales are digital gauges that use the latest leading industry sensors and communication technology, providing you with a cutting-edge solution to suit your needs.

Airtec has extensive industry experience with vehicle airbag weights and is prepared to offer free and professional advise on the implementation of Mass Management Systems.

Our Mass Management Truck Scales Series are divided in Digital Gauges and Wireless Digital Gauges. Check out our systems details below.

Download Airtec Truck Scales Brochure here.

Airtec  provides the ideal weighing solution that best suit the needs
of each individual vehicle.

Airtec’s Truck Scales – Digital Gauges

The Truck Scales Digital Gauges are stand alone axle load weight indicators designed for all trucks, prime movers and trailers fitted with air bag suspension systems. Learn more…

AXL200 Series Digital Truck Scales Gauges

AXL200  Series
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AXL300 Series Digital Truck Scales Gauges

AXL 300 Series
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Airtec’s Onboard Truck Scales – Wireless Digital Gauges

Airtec’s Onboard Truck Scales Wireless Digital Gauges are a complete innovating system that indicates each axle group weight through a wireless communication to different appliances specially designed to make your work easier and faster, bringing more profit to your business. Learn more…

AXM Series Onboard Truck Scales - Wireless Gauges
AXM Onboard Truck Scale Series
Single/Dual Sensor
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AXM Remote Display
AXM Weight Remote Display
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Smartphone with App
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AXL In cab Printer
Wireless Printer- SATO
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How the Wireless Gauges Work

airtec-axm-how it works

Airtec’s Smartphone Apps for Mass Management Solutions

TruckAXM App
Specially developed to work with the Wireless Digital Gauges.
It simply connects to your master AXM unit mounted on your cab and trailer.
Learn more…

Download Airtec Truck Scales Brochure here.