Airtec TruckLog FAQ’s

TruckLog for iPhone (AirtecCarbon on Android) is an Electronic Log Book for Truck Drivers. It allows you to:

  • Log your Daily Activities
  • Record Mass Records for each Axle Group
  • Monitor your Fuel Usage

IMPORTANT: For your own safety and that of other road users, please Do Not use this application whilst driving or in control of any vehicle.

Yes the application is Free

The application is free to download and use for up to two vehicle profiles. You may also view your history records at any time. If you find the application useful you may upgrade to the Pro Version which allows you to export your history data as a .csv file to a nominated email address (includes option of a CC address). The Pro Version also allows you to set up as many vehicle profiles as you require.

How do I upgrade to the Pro Version?

Once you have a Vehicle Profile setup in the application and some History to review, you will have the option to Export data from any History View screen. The Export Data function is accessed via the Settings Button on your Android Phone or touch tablet (touch the bottom left most icon on your device). Note: you must be viewing a current history page for this to work.

Note: to setup Your Information and Export Email Address settings – Go to: >My Info (Settings screen accessed via bottom left most button on an Android device) and ensure your information is correct. Also add one or two email addresses to which you would like the application to send the .CSV file to (select >Export from the Settings screen).

Please note: the phone or tablet will access the server via your mobile data or wireless network. The server will then relay the CSV file to your nominated email addresses. The server is secure and your information is not forwarded to any third parties.

Load the Data directly into Excel or Numbers (Mac)

The CSV file exported from the application can be opened directly by Excel, Numbers (Mac) or similar spreadsheet application. Many mobile devices can also open spreadsheet data with a default application or any number of third party Apps. We are working on some specific spreadsheets which will display the exported data as useful, easy to read tables and charts. They will be uploaded to this site for download. We are also working on a PDF version for future updates of the App.

What devices does AirtecCarbon work on?

TruckLog will run on iPhone iOS 4.+ and should run on any Android device installed with version 2.x of the Android Mobile Device operating system. To date we have tested the App on several leading brand devices running version 2.2 of the OS including the 7? Samsung Galaxy Tab. The App has been designed to work in portrait format and has not yet been fully tested for larger Android tablets.

Can the App be used to replace my Paper Log Records?

We have not developed the TruckLog App to replace any legal requirements or company record keeping systems that you may have in place. If you find that the application can reduce your personal or company paper work then that’s great. We’d love to hear any feedback from you as to how you are using our App.

It may be possible to develop a company specific version of the App to suit your fleet or company requirements. Please contact us if you would like to know more:

For enquiries please contact us on 1800 818 884 or via our contact form.

Overseas enquiries please phone +61 8 8234 7097.