XTC Temperature Compensation Inflator

XTC Temp Compensating Inflator

The XTC is designed to work with our in-line temperature sensor and is engineered specifically for inflating large industrial and mining tyres which are often constantly in service and always running hot.

To ensure the correct pressure is maintained the XTC has been engineered to incorporate a temperature thermocouple which measures the air temperature at the tyre valve. The temperature is relayed to the inflator by a wireless RF connection which then calculates the pressure required to achieve the set inflation pressure.

With the operational temperature range of 0 to 85 deg. C of continuous service (sensing range of -20 to 150 deg C) and having MSHA (Mine Safety Health Administration) approval, the XTC is highly recommended for any mining site that requires a tyre inflation solution.

The XTC offers added piece of mind when maintaining industrial & mining tyres; helping to extend the working life of your assets and maintain safe working conditions for your site operations. The inflator is also compatible with Nitrogen supplied by high pressure bottles or N2 generation equipment.

XTC Sensor with hose and fittings

The XTC incorporates a high flow high pressure control valve with a maximum inflation pressure of 145psi. The enclosure is cast aluminium with a high grade powder coat and weatherproof. Piezo switches are fitted for reliable operation (no moving parts).

The package is supplied with the temperature sensor, wall plug charger (mini USB port), 20m of S/wire MHSA hose, 12.7mm ID, short connection MHSA hose and lock-on half inch chuck.

Download the XTC Temp Compensating Inflator spec sheet (PDF)

Download the Airtec WTT Wireless Temperature Transmitter spec sheet (PDF)

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