High Pressure Accumulator Charger

High Pressure Accumulator Charger

Airtec’s digital inflator technology offers high accuracy and safety when adjusting or charging high pressure accumulators and shock absorber struts used in aviation, rail, mining, heavy transport & industrial applications.

Using a high pressure or standard nitrogen bottle the XHP Digital Inflation Controller has been designed with a high pressure control valve and comes equipped with high pressure hoses and H-556 valve connection. The unit features long life Piezo switches and three programmable preset buttons. The dual screen displays the desired set pressure and the actual accumulator pressure. The inflators’ program can be customised to inflate a range of different volume actuators, shock absorbers or struts.

An Emergency Stop button is incorporated into the control panel to help ensure operator safety.

Features include:

  • Maximum working pressure of 90 bar (1,305 psi)
  • High reliability Piezo switches with 3 programable preset buttons
  • Standard 220-240VAC power plug (optional 12VDC or 100-120VAC)
  • Operating range 4 to 90 bar in 1.0 bar increments

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High Pressure Stainless Steel Strut & Pressure Vessel Valves

Stainless High Pressure Vessel and Strut Valves

Constructed of stainless steel bodies for use in high-pressure shock absorber units, hydraulic pressure accumulators, surge cylinders and high pressure pneumatic systems. Valves have 1/2″ – 20 U.N.F. – 3A threads for connection to container.

Valve specifications:

  • H-7607 – for operating pressure to 2,000 psi. Conforms to AN-812-1
  • H-4361 – for operating pressure to 3,000 psi. Conforms to AN-6287-1
  • H-798 – for use where operating pressure is rated for 5,000 psi. Conforms to MS-28889-2

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