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Airtec Military & Defence Digital Inflators

Airtec inflation systems can be developed to suit specific requirements often required by maintenance personnel and contractors for the military and defence sectors. High flow and high pressure inflators have a range of applications for military trucks, ground support vehicles and aircraft tyres including transport aircraft, helicopter and combat aircraft. The digital inflation controller, with a maximum working pressure of 1000psi, is also ideal for charging of high pressure shock absorber struts.

Airtec XDZ Varley Digital Inflator

XDZ Varley Inflator

The XDZ inflator with its preset buttons can be supplied as a user programmable unit or with custom preset values, used for the maintenance of vehicles in the Australian army.

The Varley Inflator offers preset buttons for specified tyre inflation pressures. The unit inflates a newly fitted tyre to a low pressure to allow bead inspection and confirmation by the operator before proceeding to the set pressure. This system not only provides added operator safety but also improves the efficiency of the tyre fitting procedures.

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Airtec xhp digital inflation trolley

High Pressure Shock Absorber and Accumulator Charging

XHP Digital Inflator Trolley

The XHP with a maximum working pressure of 1000psi is ideal for maintaining high pressure shock absorbers and struts often used in aircraft undercarriages.

Typically used with a high pressure nitrogen bottle the XHP mounted to our trolley system is easily moved and also ideal for accumulator charging.

Strut valve on aircraft landing gear assembly

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Stainless High Pressure Vessel and Strut Valves

High Pressure Valves and Fittings

A range of Haltec high pressure stainless steel shock and strut valves are also available.

The valves conform to AN-812-1, AN-6287-1 and MS-28889-2 respectively.

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