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Airtec Agriculture Digital Inflation

Airtec has put together two complete packages of digital inflation equipment and accessories, specifically for the agriculture industry. The package includes wall-mounted digital inflator, hoses and fittings, designed to support and improve truck and trailer tyre maintenance.

Our world-wide proven and industry leading automatic digital inflation technology, offer accuracy, efficiency and most importantly, safety when maintaining your tyres; helping to extend the working life of your assets and providing a safe working environment.

In addition, to our proposed packages, our products can be customise to suit specific requirements and can be configured to conform your needs.

Benefits of Airtec’s Digital Tyre Inflators:

  • Reliable high quality technology.
  • Safe, accurate and easy to use.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • After sales customer service.
Airtec XDB-1300 Digital Inflator

XDB-1300 High Flow Digital Inflator

The XDB-1300 High Flow Digital Inflator specifically caters the needs of tyre fitting and tyre maintenance with outstanding features for automation.

  • Accurate and easy to use with built in safety features
  • Three programmable  preset buttons
  • High flow 1/2″ valve block
  • Emergency STOP button
  • Operating Range 5~145psi / 35~1000kPa

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Parts & Accessories

Airtec Spare Parts and Accessories for XDB Digital Inflator

Includes: Retracta Reel AW150, 10mm x 15m Hose (Blue), Hose Ass, 89HCT 300mm c/w Mignon Adapter, Hose Ass, 89CRT 300mm c/w Mignon Adapter, Air Chuck, Lock-On SB Open 12″ Extended-180deg Reverse, Air Chuck, Lock-On Straight SB Open 300mm Extended, Air Chuck, Lock-On LB Open 1/4 NPT, Adapter, Mignon 1/4 BSP M, Chrome, Coupling, Mignon 1/4 BSP M, w/o S&S – Open, Hexagon Socket 1/4″,BSP, Bush, Reducing 1/2 M x 1/4 F BSP, Brass, Barb, Male Hosetail 3/8 x 1/4BSP, Barb, Male Hosetail 3/8 x 3/8, Hose Uniflex Air 3/8″ ID

Airtec MXA Digital Inflator

MXA Digital Tyre Inflator

It’s light and compact enclosure makes it a superior alternative to the traditional mechanical gauge.

Designed for simplicity, the unit can inflate to a maximum of 145 psi and is suitable for all applications.

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Parts & Accessories

Airtec Spare Parts for MXA Agriculture Kit

Includes: Hose Kit Ext 8m, Black c/w Mignon Fitting; Air Chuck, Lock-On SB Open 12″ Extended-180deg Reverse; Air Chuck, Lock-On Straight SB Open 300mm Extended; Air Chuck, Lock-On LB Open 1/4 NPT; Adapter, Mignon 1/4 BSP M, Chrome.