Airtec HVS Heavy Vehicle Solutions

Airtec’s Heavy Vehicle Solutions (HVS) encompasses a wide range of essential tools for achieving an efficient tyre and mass management. Additionally, these tools can help truck owner/drivers follow the Heavy Vehicle  National Laws (HVNL) that commenced on 10 February 2014.

At Airtec, we understand the pressures that the transport industry go through on the roads when complying with the HVNL’s main objectives:

  • Public safety; managing the impact of heavy vehicles on the environment;
  • Maintaining industry productivity, efficiency, innovative and safe business practices.

Thats why we offer FREE advice on how to increase efficiency and safety by decreasing maintenance time simultaneously.  We have pressure systems and capabilities to suit most transport operators from owner operators to major fleets.  Our digital tyre inflation and truck scales have been used on vehicles in the field for more than 15 years, our equipment can help simplify and streamline your management program improving your maintenance and ensuring you operate your vehicles safely.

For more information on Airtec’s Digital Tyre Inflators and On-board Truck Scales products contact our technical team.

Airtec products that we recommend for Heavy Vehicles Solutions:

Airtec’s Tyre Management


TTM Kit – Truckie’s Tyre Maintenance Kit

For checking tyre pressures safely, accurately and efficiently. The TTM Kit comes with 22 DS-1 Flow-Through Caps to save time and pressure, two Valve Extensions to make inner dual tyre valve accessible for inflating and a Dial Gauge Pressure tester to have an accurate pressure value. Each one of them available in a pack or sold individually.
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Airtec’s  Tyre Management

XTA Digital Tyre Inflator with Temperature Compensator

Digital Tyre Inflation with
Temperature Compensator

The average ambient temperature varies around the world and depending on your location and the time of year it may effect your desired tyre pressure. If you tyre inflation application is effected by temperature or your need to inflate tyres hot and cold, Airtec’s Temperature Compensation Tyre Inflator has been specifically designed for this application.

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Airtec’s Onboard Truck Scales

Airtec Truck Scales Series
Truck Scales allows you to operate vehicles at higher mass limits on approved routes. With Airtec’s Digital Truck Scales Systems you save time and money by having an onboard digital truck scale to easy access your truck’s weight data. A weighing-bridge won’t be needed each time you have a new load on your truck!
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Benefits of Airtec’s HVS Vehicle Maintenance


Airtec’s Heavy Vehicle Solutions (HVS) can help make tyre maintenance and accurate truck loads easier.  Our process can reduced tyre maintenance time by 65% improving your tyre pressure and helping you roll on time.