Case Study World Solar Challenge

Quantum solar car places third in the World Solar Challenge

Michigan University Solar Car Challenge 2011

The University of Michigan’s entry in the Veolia Word Solar Challenge has placed third overall in the 1,800 mile event down the Stewart Highway through Australia’s remote outback. Quantum is the team’s 11th vehicle in their 20 year history. A team of over 100 students from the university developed the car over 2 years with generous support from a range of sponsors.

The high tech car is a carbon fibre monocoque construction powered only by the sun and the stored energy in the lithium ion battery pack. The Quantum vehicle weighs a mere 320 pounds – 200 pounds lighter than the previous car, Infinium; and is also 30% more aerodynamic with a top speed of over 105 mph.

Airtec has proudly supplied MXA and MDA digital inflators to ensure the team can quickly and accurately inflate the tyres. The low rolling resistance tyres from Michelin are inflated using pure nitrogen from a small nitrogen bottle connected to the Airtec inflators. With a nominal power output of only 2 hp (1.5 kW), optimal rolling resistance is an important factor in the overall efficiency of the vehicle.

The Michigan University team with the Quantum Solar Car

The Quantum solar car team at work during the World Solar Challenge

Full details of the project including team history and photos of the event can be found at the University of Michigan’s Solar Car website.

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