Case Study Tyre Valve Extensions for Caravans

The Solution for Easy Dual Tyre Inflation


South Australia’s Thelma and Norm, who recently purchased the Flexible Valve Extensions, are one of the “Grey Nomads” road adventurers who have enjoyed the benefits of easy tyre inflation.

“Excellent, useful and a time saver” say Thelma and Norm, who have had a caravan since 1999. “We recommend it 100%.”

“We used to leave the tyres to last. What made us procrastinate is the annoying part of inflating the second tyre.” Says Norm. “The rear tyre valve was hard to reach and uncomfortable to inflate until we found the Flexible Valve Extension.”

“The Flexible Valve Extension has allowed us to inflate the caravan tyres in half the time by making the valve more accessible. It has also helped us save physical energy as well.”


Thelma & Norm from SA

When conceiving a long journey, a prior inspection of your caravan and vehicle’s condition before heading the road is crucial. A basic check-up list includes fluids, brakes, and, one of the elements that are generally misliked but with great importance, tyres!

It is a demonstrated fact that travelling with the correct pressure in your tyres prevents unwanted damages and brings economic benefits in the long run. Though, it is not a secret that checking or maintaining tyres is an activity that sometimes is left behind because of its tediousness.

For caravan owners, checking the inner tyre’s pressure, is a task they frequently struggle with. In most cases, the valve of the rear tyre is hard to reach. In other cases, the tyre has a reversed valve, making it almost impossible to connect an air hose or pressure gauge to it.

Airtec Corporation offers the FE-300,  SFE-400  and FE-2000 Flexible Valve Extensions as a solution to an easy access to the inner rear tyre valve. “Just install the female end of the Flexible Extension to the hidden tyre valve and attach the male adapter clamp to the front rim. It is a one-time installation. The inflation process is achieved fast and easy.”

Download: FE-300 and SFE-400 Valve Extension Tech Data Sheet pdf here.
Download: FE-2000 Range Length Flexible Valve Extension Tech Data Sheet pdf here.

Important: It is recommended that the product is installed by a trained operator in accordance with manufacturers guide lines , to prevent air leaks. Read and understand operation manual before use.

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