Case Study Tyre Pressure Station Lowers CO2 Emissions

La Trobe University

La Trobe University

4 June 2013

La Trobe University’s Department of Electronic Engineering and the Office of Sustainability had the initiative of installing a FSC Tyre Inflator unit at the Melbourne Campus to encourages students and staff to ensure their tyres are optimally inflated. The data  generated from the system will be used for a research on the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

‘Low tyre pressure in vehicles is not only a safety concern; it makes the engine work harder. When the engine works harder, the vehicle wastes more fuel, and causes an increase in CO2 emissions,’ says the project’s principal investigator, Electronic Engineering PhD candidate Edhem Custovic.

‘If we can target at least a percentage of these vehicles we’re looking at a saving of hundreds of tonnes of carbon emissions per year.’

Airtec Corporation was pleased to provide a solution for La Trobe University Tyre Pressure Station.

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VIDEO: ‘A new and highly innovative tyre pressure station has been installed at the Melbourne Campus of La Trobe University, capable of tracking the number of tyres inflated and estimating the reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.’