Case Study. On-Board Digital Tyre Inflator for Eco-Tourism

Adapting to Different Road Types on the Run

Case Study - The Discovery Group & MXA Digital Tyre Inflation

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) points out in their Eco-Driving Safely for Trucks communication, to keep tyres properly inflated as one of the basic measures for eco-driving. However,  having the correct tyre pressure may depend on different factors like type of vehicle, amount of vehicle load, or if travelling on road or off road.  A simple element as tyre inflation can become a critical issue for safety, vehicle handling and fuel economy if not well attended.

At the Discovery Group, the team in charge of the 4WD tours started looking for a better way to manage their tyre pressures. In January 2013, the tour guides where pleased to find an amazing solution to their everyday problem by installing a MXA Digital Tyre Inflator on each vehicle to help them inflate or deflate their tyres whenever and wherever they travelled.

The Discovery Group is a leader in eco-tourism from the Sunshine Coast, Australia. They offer adventure tours around the spectacular Fraser Island. The tours consists of three or four 4WDs buses that travel with up to 85 tourist along the impressive Seventy Five Mile beach to the beautiful rainforest. The Discovery Group has been awarded with three consecutive Queensland Tourism Awards.

The 4WD tours travel on road and off road, from highway roads to remote sandy beaches, all in one day. Since each road type demands a different tyre pressure, the tour guides are in the need to adjust the tyres each time they visit a different area. For example, if travelling over sealed roads, the recommended tyre pressure for bus like vehicles is around 80 psi. Whereas for off road travelling, the tyre pressure recommended is around 40 psi. If tyres are not readjusted to high pressure after travelling off roads, damages may occur. There could be an increase in steering effort, tyre damage, tyre wear, suspension wear and fuel consumption. “Customer safety is paramount to maintaining our tyres”, says Mike Lawlor, manager of The Discovery Group.

So, Is there a solution to inflate,
deflate and inflate tyres many times a day
in an efficient and secure way?

For the Discovery Group, the task of inflating, deflating and inflating their tyres again and again was arduous and time consuming until they discovered Airtec’s MXA Digital Tyre Inflators.  Since January 2013, the Discovery Group has a MXA Inflator permanently mounted on each off road vehicle. With only a touch of a button, it has helped them decrease the time spent in managing their tyres.

Airtec’s MXA Digital Tyre Inflator helped the Discovery Group to be more time efficient, have a better vehicle performance, reinforce the passengers safety, save in tyre wear and fuel economy,  and additionally reinforced their professional look, enhanced tourists experience and relieved their staff from stress.

The Discovery Group 4WD Tours

LOW PRESSURE TYRES on sand improves:

Traction: with low pressure, tyres will have more road contact and will conform to the bumps allowing better traction.

Comfort: low pressure tyres work as a cushion, allows tyres to deform to any bumps in the road absorbing the impact.

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