Case Study Axle Load Gauges survive the Queensland floods

Geaney Transport submerged truck in Queensland floods

Geaney Transport run several AB triples with lusty EMS trailers and Airtec’s in-cab truck scale system. During the 2011 Queensland floods, one of their vehicles was submerged under floodwaters along with many other trucks in the yard. The photo below clearly illustrates the water level going above the roof of the truck, in fact the water was apparently over the exhaust level by more than three feet.

Once Jamie had access to the vehicle and checked it over he tested our AXL gauges at the Lusty Factory and they seem to work ok. We then requested for him to return the units to us so we could inspect and check them over. Although these units had been fully submersed in water, oil and solvents; we found that there was no damage to the internal electronics and the axle load gauges are still functioning ok. Airtec returned the gauges to Jamie to install on a replacement prime mover and trailer.

Airtec's submerged axle load gauge pictured on the truck cab

For more info on Airtec gauges see our AXM Load Scale System and AXL Digital Truck Scales.

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