Truck & Bus Tyre Valves

Haltec Aluminium Rim Tyre Valves

Airtec offer a full range of high quality valves from Haltec. Valves are available in a range of different angles and lengths to suit most applications. Large bore valves for special applications such as mining truck tyres are also available.

Haltec GA-155S-RCL Truck Pressure Gauge

High quality Haltec Truck Pressure Gauge. Features a re-calibratable indicator, pressure range 10 to 150psi in 2psi increments. The gauge comes calibrated to the highest accuracy at 80psi. Dual foot air chuck (schrader type) with straight-on and 30 deg reverse connection.

Calibration is made via a small adjustment screw in the pressure indicator rod. Overall length of gauge: 32cm. Also suitable for buses and 4WD vehicles.


New from Haltec – ES-301 & ES-306 Long Reach Easy Lock Air Chucks

ES-301 and ES-306 Easy Lock Air Chucks by Haltec

These 300 mm (12 inch) long reach air chucks are designed to quickly lock onto the tyre valve. The combination of the extended reach and quick locking can save time improving efficiency of a busy workshop or truck & bus service bay.

Features include automatic locking design with hardened steel pins. The long reach is ideal for inflating and checking pressures on dual wheel axles.

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