Large Bore Mining Valves

Haltec Z-Bore and Super Bore Valve Systems

Designed for inflating large volume tyres used on mining trucks and industrial vehicles, Airtec offer a range of Super Large Bore Valves and the Z-Bore Valve System from Haltec.

The systems consist of three basic spud designs which are fitted directly to the rims:

    • a standard clamp-in spud with o-ring seal
    • a screw in spud to fit either a 1/2″ or three 3/4″ NPT tapped rim hole
    • an angle screw in spud

Haltec Z-Bore Valve Rim Spuds
Haltec Z-Bore Valve Angle Rim Spuds

The core housing with valve and cap, can be fitted directly to the spud or a range of extension and angle fittings are available to enable easy access to inflate the tyres and check the tyre pressures. Haltec also offer inflator tools to fit the valves which enable the safe removal of the valve core, keeping the core within the body of the tool. Removing the valve during the inflation process allows for rapid tyre inflation.

Haltec valves are made to the highest standards and offer years of excellent performance.

Haltec Z-10 Valve Core and Z-12 Inflation Tool

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