High Pressure Air Chucks

High Pressure Air Chucks

Airtec are distributors for the Haltec range of tyre valves and accessories. From Ohio USA, Haltec is a ISO 9001/2000 Certified company supplies a complete range of tire valves and tire-related accessory products including a off-highway vehicles, mining, construction, forestry equipment and heavy trucks.

These high pressure and high flow lock-on chucks are suitable for a range of applications across the mining and transport industries.

H-556 High Pressure Air Chuck (Airtec part #91.5050)

Hose / Air chuck designed for high pressure applications such as the aviation industry, shock absorbers, hydraulic pressure accumulators and pneumatic systems. The chucks are attached securely by hand or wrench to the valve cap threads of high pressure valves.

These Haltec chucks are made to high quality standards assuring high safety standards and long service life. Features include a copper sealing washer with a maximum working pressure of 3000psi. A large bore version is also available. Note: high pressure valves constructed from stainless steel bodies are also available.

H-5265-OP Standard Valve, Lock-on Air Chuck

Lock-on air chuck fastens securely to valve while tyre is being inflated. Used extensively for high volume and high pressure tyres where safe work practices require operators to stand clear during the inflation process.

Typically used by truck tyre fitters, mining vehicle maintenance, bus and fleet operators.

H-4660-OP Large Bore Valve, Lock-on Air Chuck

Large bore version of the lock-on air chuck which is ideally suited for use with large truck and mining tyres. Ideal when used with our XDB High Flow Inflator.

These products can be purchased online at airtecdirect.com.au. A number of variants are available; if you have a specialist application please contact us.

For enquiries please contact us on 1800 818 884 or via our contact form.

Overseas enquiries please phone +61 8 8234 7097.

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