Air Chucks

Open and Closed Clip-on Air Chucks Airtec carry a range of high quality clip-on air chucks in stock for quick delivery to anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. Both standard (open) and closed air chucks are kept in stock. The open air chucks are commonly used across service station outlets on FEP, BEP and FRP freestanding inflators and in workshops equipped with MXA, MDA and XDA digital inflators. Closed chucks are used for the TR6 and TR5 nitrogen inflation systems or where multiple hose configurations are used.

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High Flow Dual Foot Chuck and Clip-on Chuck Hose-Assembly A full range of single and dual foot air chucks are also kept in stock. Dual foot chucks are typically used in truck tyre fitting and mining applications where valves can be difficult to access on dual wheel vehicles and deep rim setups. Hose Assembly with Core Removal Tool The Core Removal Tool (CRT) is designed to reduce inflation / deflation time by allowing the operator to remove the vale core safely during the process. Using this tool reduces the risk of eye injuries from “flying” valve cores. The operation is simple. After removing the valve cap, the CRT is first clipped onto the valve stem. The CRT stem is then pushed in to engage the valve core. By rotating the stem anti-clockwise, the valve core can be removed without the risk of the extracted core escaping. The clear CRT body allows the operator to view that the valve core is fully retracted. Upon completion of the inflation / deflation process, the valve core can be refitted into the valve stem by pushing the CRT stem forward and rotating it clockwise. The CRT is available as a clip-on or lock-on type for the different applications. For enquiries please contact us on 1800 818 884 or via our contact form.

Overseas enquiries please phone +61 8 8234 7097.